Beograd, 21. novembra 2015 - Predsednik Evropskog saveta Donald Tusk daje izjave medijima na zajednickoj konferenciji sa predsednikom Vlade Srbije Aleksandrom Vucicem u Vili Bokeljka. Premijer Srbije Aleksandar Vucic izjavio je veceras da je Srbija u pogledu izbeglica spremna da preuzme jos vecu odgovornost od drugih zemalja zapadnog Balkana, kao i da ukoliko Slovenija, Hrvatska i Madarska odbiju da prime ekonomske migrante, nece ih primiti ni Srbija."To bi znacilo da mi moramo u nasu zemlju da primimo kompletan teret na sebe", rekao je premijer na zajednickoj konferenciji za novinare sa predsednikom Evropskog saveta Donaldom Tuskom. FOTO TANJUG / OKSANA TOSKIC / bb

BELGRADE – The ongoing deterioration of relations between the EU and Poland took a further nosedive after Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski described the EU Council President Donald Tusk as “the icon of evil and stupidity.”

The foreign minister’s remarks, in a radio interview with Krakow’s RMF FM, marks the latest in a series of diplomatic tussles over a series of decisions taken by the Polish Government since the Law and Justice Party (PiS) came to power in 2015.

The EU has been heavily critical of changes made to the Polish Constitutional Tribunal, which Brussels claims are undemocratic and a threat to Europe’s ‘Rule of Law’ principle. The Polish Government has also drawn criticism for a crackdown on the media including — most recently — a threat to limit the media reporting of the state parliament.

The personal attack on Tusk — who was prime minister of Poland from 2007 to 2014 — reveals the depth of anger in Warsaw over interventions from the EU.

“I wish that he would stay far away from Poland. [Tusk is] the icon of evil and stupidity. We would like to have a normal democracy, that when someone wins an election, they have the right to rule, to achieve their plan and program,” Waszczykowski said.


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