BELGRADE – An arrest of a woman who was detained because she did not have a BusPlus card by three communal policemen in Zemun aroused a lot of interest, writes “Kurir”.

Serbian daily managed to reach the woman (name known to the editors) who was arrested by three communal policemen because she did not have a BusPlus card.

“They detained me as if I was the worst criminal – like I killed a man or was dealing drugs. They did not allow me at any moment to call the police or anyone else. From the first moment they did not have the approach to try and resolve the situation through communication, but they applied aggression and force,” said the victim of communal policemen and added:

“At the beginning they tried to force me to enter their vehicle which I refused, then they only looked at each other and commented ‘she will not cooperate we have to handcuff her’, then they dragged me at the bus station, and moreover, one of them tried to pull me into the back passage between stores. He was very aggressive, he dragged me and hissed through his teeth: ‘Come the hell here, come the hell here!’ alluding to the back passage. I barely broke away and begged them to let me go. Come on people, all of this because of bus ticket?! One of the policemen twisted my arm behind my back while another held the other arm they yelled: ‘Take her phone!’ to which I only begged people present to call the police and communal policemen to let me go,” she said.

Among other things she said that communal policemen commented that it is maybe better to drive her to the Belgrade MUP instead of the one in Zemun because they are more efficient.

“The same man who tried to drag me into the back passage cinically told me: ‘Does it hurt you?! Well it hurts me too! When we arrive at the station I will call an ambulance.’ In the police station in Zemun one of the policemen on duty told me ‘I know how women can be tricky, so sometimes we have to tie them up.’ I do not know if he wanted to be funny or tell me that I am not normal?!,” said the bitter victim of the communal policemen.

She added that she suffered a great shock, as well as she has to pay the fine, and that communal police wrote a report on her.

The video the daily published shows a woman being arrested and bullied by three communal policemen because she did not have a BusPlus card. She was yelling “do not touch me”, to which they replied with “who is touching you”. Passers who witnessed the scene protested and complained to the communal policemen.


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